Connecting two devices

Connect your sat nav with up to two phones or MP3 players via Bluetooth

The PID allows you to connect up to two Bluetooth-enabled devices (e.g. personal and company mobile phones and MP3 player) to the vehicle. So now you don't need to decide which of your devices not to use during your journey.

Voice Command

Simply dial by speaking

Simply call your contact - "Eva-Maria Gonzales" - by speaking their name. It doesn't matter whether you ask the system for "Eva", "Maria" or "Gonzales" - or for the full name. And you can dial from a directory of 500 contacts simply and easily.

Voice Command is not available in all languages/countries.

A2DP Bluetooth Audio

Stream music from your phone or MP3 player

Connect a Bluetooth-enabled device (mobile phone or MP3 player) to your system and enjoy full access to your media. With selected phones, you can even display song info and use the fast-forward buttons on the radio to skip to the next song.

Text Message Readout

System simply reads your text messages to you en route

With selected phones which support Bluetooth MAP Profile, you can program the system to read out text messages during the journey. Keep up-to-date - without having to take your hands off the steering wheel.

This feature is not available in all languages.

Navigating to Contacts

Simply say "John Smith" and your system takes you to his entry.

If you have connected your phone via Bluetooth, you can directly access the address of a friend saved on the phone using Voice Command. With Bluetooth phone number synchronisation, your PID also imports your phone's addresses.

Live Services

Use your phone as a gateway to the internet

As soon as you have connected your phone by Bluetooth, you can test whether your device is compatible with Garmin Live Services with a free four-week trial. For further information on Live Services, please go to the relevant section of this website.

Built-in MP3 Player

Up to 8,000 titles always available

Use the internal micro SD card slot for up to 32 GB of music - that's about 8,000 titles. Your device displays information on the track playing and the respective album cover.

A2DP Bluetooth Audio

Stream music from your mobile phone or MP3 player

Connect a Bluetooth-enabled device (mobile phone or MP3 player) to your system and enjoy full access to your media. With selected phones, you can even display the title info and use the fast-forward buttons on the radio to skip to the next one.

Operating the Radio

See what you're listening to

The built-in radio system is easy to operate using the touchscreen. The system displays the logo of the channel and provides more information below the channel name, such as the artist and the title of the track currently playing.

Channel logos are not available for all regions and broadcasters.

Operating the CD Player

Get a grip on your classic audio CDs and MP3 CDs

The built-in CD system is easy to operate using the touchscreen. And with the titles displayed in lists and folders, you'll find managing your CDs much easier than with just a one-line radio display.

Onboard computer

All your info in perfect view

Use your system as an information centre and check your speed, range, consumption, etc., at a glance.

Advice on fuel/power-optimised driving

Analyse your driving style

Get help in reducing your consumption - recommendations on optimum gear changing practice and more tips on eco-friendly driving will help you to save your hard cash.

Additional instruments

More gauges for more information

Configure your display to show additional information, such as the outside temperature or the temperature of the coolant.

E-vehicle: charge manager, power flow meter, regenerative braking

Keep your high-tech fully under control

If you use the device in an electric or hybrid vehicle, there are more features for you to use. You can set all the parameters for charging the battery, or track the power flow between the drive and the battery on the display in real time.

Optical parking system

For safe and confident parking

If your vehicle has parking sensors, your Garmin device transforms your acoustic parking system into a visual one. The range of each sensor is shown individually.

Door display

Did I shut the boot?

The vehicle outline on the display complete with open and closed doors - and boot! - shows you at a glance whether it's safe to drive off.

General Instructions

Please follow the instructions below for using Live Services:

Faster and more up-to-date: Live Services

It's best to be able to access vital information when you need it - and above all fast. With Live Services, you're always up-to-date with Traffic Live, Local Search, Mobile Speed Traps Live and Weather Live providing you with all the important information you need during your journey.


- Your mobile phone must be enabled for Bluetooth internet access ("Bluetooth Tethering" or "Bluetooth PAN Profile"). Current Android and iPhone mobiles usually offer this feature; however, many older mobiles are also able to run Live Services. The system has an Installation Assistant to support you when you first start up Live Services. For detailed instructions, please refer to the support pages of your phone manufacturer's website.

- The service contract for your mobile phone must permit tethering.

- To use Live Services abroad, roaming must be activated (check your contract for roaming charges). A number of foreign network operators do not permit tethering with roaming.

Trial period and subscription:

- You can try out Live Services for free for a four-week period without obligation (NB Costs may be incurred for the data volumes transmitted depending on your service contract)

- The four-week period only begins when you successfully use Live Services for the first time

- You can take out a full subscription during or after the trial period - use Garmin Fresh to register

- The subscription contains unlimited use of Live Services at a one-off price of € 29.95 (The price may vary from country to country).

You can read the Terms & Conditions of Use of Live Services here.

Traffic Live

Traffic reports in real time

Thanks to this feature's real-time traffic reports, as a Traffic Live* user you'll know precisely where the traffic is flowing. It recommends the best route for you at all times – and takes the current traffic situation into account.

*Available in the following countries: A, B, CH, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, H, I, IRL, L, N, NL, PL, S

Local Search

All the latest top spots complete with user ratings in your immediate area

Local Search* offers you places of interest in your immediate area. So if you enter keywords, such as "Cocktail Bar" or "Florist London", you'll find all the local options on your route. And as well as obtaining the phone number and address, you can also access user ratings to decide whether or not it's worth the trip.

*Available in the following countries: A, B, CH, D, E, F, GB, I, IRL, NL

Mobile Speed Traps Live

Beat the speed cameras

On-the-spot alerts: Mobile Speed Traps Live* displays both stationary and mobile speed cameras - and in real time. You can also tell other Live Services users about cameras en route - with a simple click on your sat nav.

*Available in the following countries: A, B, D, E, GB, GR, I, IRL, NL, S

Check the regulations and legislation in your country of use before using the 'Mobile Speed Traps Live' service. Some countries prohibit or restrict the use of information on red light cameras and radar speed traps. Garmin will not be responsible for any fines, penalties or damages that might result from any use of the 'Mobile Speed Traps Live' service that is contrary to regulations.

Weather Live

Shows you the current weather conditions en route and at your destination

Weather Live* equips you for all eventualities. It displays the current weather report for the length of your route and for your destination. And so that you don't get any needless surprises during your stay, it also comes with a two-day forecast.

*Available in the following countries: A, B, BG, CH, CZ, D, DK, E, F, FIN, GB, GR, H, HR, I, IRL, L, N, NL, P, PL, S, SK, SLO